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1. Go fucking die. You're not funny, you're not a good friend, and you're not who the fuck I thought you were. I actually hate talking to you now, when I do get to talk to you. You actually are one of the shittest friends somebody could ever have, but you just think you're so fucking good. You're not. Shut the hell up. Nobody cares about you and what the fuck goes on in your life, and when you go to bitch to somebody else, you expect everyone to sit and listen and tell you shit, but you don't fucking help when somebody needs help. You don't deserve to like, eat shit off somebody's shoe. Or something.

2. You piss me off so much. I wish I could kick you the hell out of my life, but I just can't. If I could, you'd be out already. Actually, I think you might be out of it soon. I'm just counting down the days. I bet you do loads of shit behind my back but you just can't face up to me. And you think I'm a fucking coward. Urgh.

3. Same as the above.

4. You're a lot more of a friend to me right now than most people. Never talked to you much before, but yeah. Just. Thanks.

5. I love you ^_^

I should die.
Ok, thanks.
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